Interview: Andre Borgman

Interview: Andre Borgman

Thank you so much, Andre. ♥ Finally, we did it! Haha
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1. It took a while, but we’re here. Tell us a little about Andre Borgman!
Andre: Yes, considering the last AF show 7dec 2007…yes…damn time goes fast.
But my name is Andre Borgman, born 13 september 1978. 71372036_446952972603725_6040226612484505600_n Interview: Andre BorgmanRaised by the parents I could possibly wished for. My mom and dad supported my interested for music from the very beginning. My dad bought me a drumkit at the age of 10 just because I wanted one and he managed my first real band and got us to play many gigs across The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. My mother was just my biggest fan and loved and still loves every thing I do music wish. Little inside about them. My dad loves Pantera and my mom is big Ozzy fan. Oh man, so many stories to tell. Together with my mom to a Black Sabbath show and she fainted in front of the stage just when I was getting some drinks. One of the people told me what haven’t and I got to pick up my mother at the backstage with security. First thing I said: Mom, you are just doing anything to get backstage aren’t you???…haha, we had a big laugh. My fathers anecdote was when he was managing my band when I was 15 during a show we did a big pogo-pit was going on, and suddenly, from behind my drumkit, I saw a crowd surfer… I thought, this is just getting great. What a party, then I saw who the crowd surfer was. My dad. Hahaha. We we’re laughing so hard. That was just awesome. Just 2 examples of how it started. To many to tell. 12705281_10155508133258644_8760104847851791869_n Interview: Andre BorgmanYou’ll get bored haha…
Right now, I am very relaxed and happy things are going, I took a big break since a year from drumming and only play in 1 band, guitar, the instrument I started with. I am hired at a zoo near my home and have the best and rewarding job I can ever imagine. …and no, I am not feeding the animals, we are responsible for the nice incitement for the visitors and the confined for the animals and nice and suitable stays enjoying live so to speak.

2. After many years you guys worked together again. We got really happy, besides the huge nostalgia feeling. How was it, to work with Floor again?
Andre: If you are(and you are;-)) referring to the Northward project that was just after the break-up of After Forever. As you may know by now I guess. But working with Floor and in this case with John Viggo was great and something I regret not taking place when it was written and If I remember right it would have been recorded in 2010. With was called Floor-Inc by then.

1000x1000 Interview: Andre Borgman3. Jorn said in an interview, that the ending of “Let Me Out” turned out to be really different from they way it had been thought in the beginning, even though its structure has remained the same. What was your reaction when you listened to its final version? Did you approve its development?
Andre: Well, the tempo is faster and Jorn changed the main opening riff, the rest is exactly the same as I presented it, I can show you a recording I made in 2006 way before it was recorded. But I think it’s about royalties perhaps… I don’t mind. It’s ok…

4. How was the creation process and development of “Let Me Out”, before being presented to Floor and Jorn?
Andre: It was based on the ending riff I wrote in 98. Huge fan of Pantera and the rest came later, over the years you write some stuff that suddenly fits together with old stuff haha.

5. With Nightwish’s tight schedule, we are aware that a tour for Northward would be something distant- but not impossible. Has there been a chance for you to talk about it so far?
Andre: No, I am not sure if they will do a tour. If I will be part of it I doubt it. But would love to do it.

71963163_1175865949269378_1212229136039280640_n Interview: Andre Borgman6. How did your passion towards music began and what are your best references and influences?
Andre: As answer one revealed. From a very young age. My grandma gave me some sort of snare drum when I was a baby haha. (Can I show pics?). When I was 6 years old my a guy in the street we lived in had some guitars at his room. Think he borrowed from his dad. We could play 2 guitar riffs and I nearly managed to do 1. His father one day came home with a snare drum he bought from a flee market. It was clear my friend who could play 2 riffs will stay at the guitar and I was stuck with the snare drum… I still love playing both instruments. The biggest influences on guitar are clearly Zakk Wylde, Dimebag… Drumwise it’s Nick Menza, Randy Castillo, Tommy Aldridge en Vinnie Paul.

71941599_2040206319414054_4407127807134531584_n-1 Interview: Andre Borgman7. Back to the past: we still keep after forever alive in our days, and we believe you do the same since you sometimes post some old performances videos. Which songs are your favorite?
Andre: Oef, …. hmmm. If I have to choose one. It’ll be Estranged.

8. Do you still remember the creative process in After Forever? And your personal and professional development as a person and musician, all inside this experience of joining the band. What was it? What changed in you?
Andre: Nothing really changed in me:-) The creative process was different each album. IC was written all together in one rehearsal room. 2 rehearsals a week in some months. The last A.F. album was mainly written by Joost and Sander at there studio. Totally different way.

9. After Forever came to a premature end, and according to Floor, she believed that After Forever had much more to offer. Do you agree with it? Or it came to an end in the exact moment? Why?
Andre: I also think A.F. had more to offer but after the break we took all faces where at other directions and to put it all together again wasn’t easy in a lot of ways. I don’t want to go to much in details but it was clear some bandmembers will leave anyway after we will continue…

10. Today we know that Floor is an artist engaged in many projects. Have you ever thought about a possible AF reunion?
Andre: That will never happen…

11. When it comes about to your relationship with the other AF members, the possibility of a gathering, or even so a nostalgic concert, is still a fan’s dream or something that may be possible in a distant future?
Andre: If we would do that, all the band members needs to be there. All or nothing!!!

12. Many years have passed since your discovery for the drums, bands, projects, and others. How do you see your stability, when it comes to keep making a living out of the thing you love doing? What are your new goals, projects, and challenges?
Andre: I do not live from making music. That is to difficult. Especially for a drummer…..I have a very cool job at the zoo which I like very much! 🙂

13. In some kind of a “drum clinic” or even a specific drumming festival: Which would be the drummers you’d invite to join you?
Andre: I am afraid most of them died already.

14. We fans always try to meet our idols. What about you? What idol would you like to meet?
Andre: Blackie Lawless, although he seems to be a very unpleasant guy..hahaha… Just to make a pic together would make my collection of WASP stuff complete.

15. If you could ask something to the fans, what would you like to ask?
Andre: They are already ding what I hope they would do. Keeping the After Forever Spirit Alive!!! Thank you all for that and will forever be in my memory!!! Cheers!


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